Mission Statement​

To maintain all BRFN facilities and infrastructure and provide a service to membership regarding their home and property according to the Housing Policy. Visit our housing policies below.


Ensuring all BRFN facilities meet health and safety standards by upkeeping their maintenance schedule.

Field Repair

Public Works and Housing oversees all capital projects and services relating to the maintenance and repair of BRFN-owned facilities. This department is comprised of staff with experience in: repairing plumbing, fixing appliances, minor electrical issues, infrastructure repair, drywall repair, furnace repair, minor carpentry and other minor problems.  We also have a water and sewer personnel who oversees our water treatment plant operations and the lagoon. This department is also responsible for maintaining the roads, which includes snow removal and de-icing during the winter months.  The department has employed summer students  on a temporary basis for such things as cutting grass, cutting firewood for elders and picking up waste on reserve. Solid waste and recycling from house to house is also picked up by staff in this department.

The most recent version of the BRFN Housing Policy