Blueberry River First Nation is committed to the continual improvement of Health Services in our community. Services include:
An Elder’s Care program is being implemented in the coming months aimed to provided Meals on Wheels, homemaking, and support in the home to enable our elder’s the services required in their home to support their desire to stay in the community.  More information will be shared as we progress forward with this exciting program. In health services, we are working towards the implementation of the Home and Community Care Program with the ground work just starting.  A target start date is within 18 months to be fully functional in this capacity.  Further, we are working at providing monthly activities, workshops, and events for the community.  Please review our monthly Health Services calendar for current information on services available in the community.

Regarding health services, we are working toward the implementation of the ‘Home and Community Care Program’, with the groundwork just getting underway.

Addictions & Counselling

We currently have a visiting A & D Counsellor that visits the community two days per month in recognition of the need for AA meetings.

Child Welfare

We are striving to establish regular monthly meetings with the local Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD) office.

Medical Transportation

Effective October 1, 2014: Health Benefits will be introducing an additional increase in the daily meal rate as well as an increase in the kilometric (mileage) rate.

Doulas For Aboriginal Families

For more information, see us in the Health Department at Blueberry River First Nation.