A self-governing Nation working together to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations.
A self-governing Nation working together to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations.

Our Logo Story

Our logo represents our traditional and forward-thinking values coming together. Natural elements important to our Cree and Beaver cultures are illustrated using clean lines and bold colours, signalling a new direction and bright future for our Nation. 


Represents the signing of our treaty by our ancestors in the 1900s, with the sun bringing a new beginning. From that day forward, the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow.


Exemplifies the strength of our culture, Nation, and Members, reminding us of our roots and traditions as we chart a new path forward.


Represent the regeneration of the land. They rise up – sheltering, growing and moving us upward, together.

Pink Mountain

The cultural centre for the community where Members go to reflect and celebrate, it represents the Nation’s focus on preserving our culture, traditions, and values. The mountain peaks point skyward, mirroring our determination to uplift our community and sustain future generations.

Northern Lights

These are our ancestors dancing. We honour them and listen for their message and teachings to help cultivate a strong and prosperous Nation for generations to come.


It brings us water, which is life-giving and creates new life. We are responsible for protecting and are committed to restoration – returning the land to meet the needs of our people.

One Unified Community

Blueberry River First Nations and our people are moving forward with positivity to build a sustainable, self-sufficient, and vibrant community based on our traditions and forward-thinking values.
Our Story
Missing Councilor Wayne Yahey

A Self-Governing Nation

Chief & Council are committed to communicating with our Members and supporting them
through all walks of life. We are evolving and growing together to build a sustainable future and
create lasting benefits for generations to come.

Missing Councillor Wayne Yahey

A Prosperous Northeast B.C. Benefits Us All

Blueberry River and the Province of B.C. are working to find a path to sustainable development that respects treaty rights and strikes a balance between the environment, economy, and local jobs.
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