School Start-Up 2015/2016

BRFN School Start-Up 2015 2016 Application

This year we will be issuing School Start-up in the amount of 500.00 per student in grades Kindergarten to Twelve. Before your child receives his/her allowance, we must have the name of the school that the child will be attending, the grade each child will be going into, and mailing address.

School Start-up is issued to assist with any costs (all school fees, school supplies, clothing, etc…) associated with your child returning to school. The goal of School Start-up is to improve your child’s education. The following guidelines apply to this year’s issuance:

  1. Submit report card in January 2016 and June 2016 and your child must maintain a 75% attendance rate.
  2. As funds are received from AANDC for non-registered members if your child lives in Blueberry, documentation is required to illustrate your child is not receiving school allowance from their own Band. This is due to the fact the amount provided for School Start-up exceeds the amount provided by AANDC.
  3. If your child was withdrawn from school or did not attend by the end of June 2015, you must confirm your child’s registration and your child must attend their classes for a month to become eligible for School Start-up. Applications can be submitted on October 1, 2015.

These guidelines are in place to determine what we can do, in collaboration, with the public school system to improve your child’s education. Failure to submit the required documentation may affect your child’s eligibility for School Start-up for the following year.

The Start-up Application Form is attached and please complete and submit it as soon as possible (by August 25 for payment on August 27 or September 1 for payment September 4). Completed School Start-up forms can be submitted at the Blueberry Administration Office or faxed to 250-630-2189 or emailed to

Please be advised Blueberry River First Nations WOULD NOT be responsible for any locker fees, book fees, or any fees that may be associated with your child/children’s education.

Thank you,

Patsy Greyeyes Education Manager or (w) 250-630-2837 or (c) 250-262-8837