Blueberry Community Safeguard Program

Hours of operation:

December 18/15 to Jan 10/16

11 pm – 6 am / 6 am – 1 pm

The Blueberry Safeguard Program has caring, capable workers available if you need to talk. They are available to offer support, assistance, and provide a friendly face to speak with. Please call the numbers noted below:

Safeguard Program Contact Info:

Landline   250-630-2743

Community Safeguard Workers

Maryann Adekat                  250-630-2724

Susan Dumas                                  250-630-2111

Joyann Chipesia                  250-630-2645

Marge Greyeyes                  250-630-2496/261-9420 cell

The Safeguard Program will be based out of the Adult Education Centre.