Graphic Designer Employment Opportunity

The Transglobal Business Group Inc.’s, ‘Lead to Achieve‘ program is looking to hire a temporary, part-time Graphic Designer. For more information and to apply, contact: Judy Michaud, 250-751-1555.

This is a 50 week contract, with a part-time workload of 20 hours per week.

All positions will be working directly with the Transglobal Business Group Inc. and Universal Resources teams to:
•Build platforms online for 4 – 1 day – Virtual Indigenous Leadership Conferences •Research, design, setup, and deliver podcasts monthly, move to bi-weekly once branded, and an online podcast platform “Lead to Achieve” is established, and •Research and develop a database for potential partners for live events, establish connections, and gain sponsors for all virtual events, •Enroll 300 members into “Leadership training programs”.