ICCE 2023 Conference: Sharing Knowledge to Take Action

To BRFN Membership,

This year Councillors Gauthier, Wolf, Dominic and myself will be attending the Sharing Knowledge to take Action Conference through the Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects in Ottawa, Ont., from May 29-31, 2023. Chief Desjarlais will be a guest speaker at this event and supports the initiative to get our youth involved. 

We always say we want youth involvement, we want to start passing knowledge down to our children, for they are the future. They are the next leaders to take over for us. We have a lot of youth who are now just getting into the workforce, we have many who already are and need the support, encouragement and to be a part of ways that will help them in their young lives. 

For this Conference, BRFN Economic Development will fund 5 youth, each a representation of the five families and will cover the cost for airfare and accommodations.

This event is open to both on and off reserve Members. 

The deadline for applicants is Friday May 19, 2023. Please send your responses to the poster to the ATTN to BRFN Chief & Council through rewaskow@blueberryfn.ca or any other Chief and Council Member.

To learn more about the event: Home – ICCE Conference 2023 (icceconferencecaec.ca)


Wuujo aasanaláá

Councillor Robin Ewaskow 

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