BRFN Youth

BRFN is invested in our youth, they are our future and we are committed to helping them become proud members of our community.

We have a number of youth programs that are offered to on and off reserve.

Teresa McPhee is our Youth Coordinator, her email is:

The following statements were taken from taken from a recent youth conference let by Mike Scott a Motivational Youth Speaker.

Who we are and what we want to be:

We recognize that we as youth provide a powerful opportunity for the future of our nation and all first nations people. we provide opportunity for change, and are thankful that our voice is important to our community. Elders and leaders in our community have wisdom that we need, we need you to be our guides as we work to understand how to embrace change. We see from example that when people are willing to work together, that individual and community grow stronger, we want this to become our legacy.

What we want to see:

We see a community where all people feel safe, supported and encouraged, where strong families take care of their homes and community, reflecting the pride we have in ourselves and our land. a community with businesses, stores, recreation facilities led by our people. We see recreation facilities where youth, families and elders can gather for physical, emotional, and spiritual development. We see growth in cultural mentorship that honors and builds who we are as First Nation’s people, providing a pathway for all members to move forward in their journey.