Stoddart Creek Fire Update & Evacuation Order #2 – May 17, 2023

Attention: Local Community Members of Blueberry River First Nations Please see the attached updates on the Stoddart Creek fire and updated Evacuation Order information: Stoddart Creek – May 17, 2023 Update: BRFN Evacuation Order #2 – May 17, 2023: BRFN 2023 Emergency Preparedness Directory: Thank you for your attention to these updates and please stay safe.

Stoddart Creek Fire Update: May 16, 2023

Attention: Community Members Here is a brief update of the Stoddart Creek fire. The fire has moved towards the community a bit more within the last 24 hours and the decision has been made to start mobilizing equipment to start cutting a fire guard to the south end of the reservation boundary line. We will be assisted by a BC …


Issued Monday, May 15, 2023. An evacuation order has been enacted for the community of Blueberry River First Nations. Due to the upcoming road closures and for your continued safety, The Emergency Operations Centre has issued an Evacuation Order. We are asking that people leave their homes immediately and proceed to the designated evacuation point in Dawson Creek. Please refer …

Evacuation Order

Issued: Sunday, May 14, 2023 With regards to the Stoddart Creek Fire, BRFN Leadership has decided we will not take any chances and an Evacuation Order has been enacted for the community of Blueberry River First Nations. Please take your bags, your pets, your valuables and things that mean the most to you. Please go to the North Peace Arena …

Open Fire Ban

Blueberry River First Nations has been included in an extensive fire ban across our province.  Please stay informed, adhere to the bans and help keep our communities safe!  Prince George Fire Centre bans and restrictions – Province of British Columbia (