Blueberry River First Nations Education Department

Our department believes:

Education promotes, perpetuates, and strengthens our culture and language.
Quality programs prepare our students for entrance into post-secondary or the workforce.
Education prepares students for total living and promotes self-identity, self-reliance, and a desire for lifelong learning.
The responsibility for education belongs to the Band.
The responsibility for learning belongs to the student.

Blueberry School Mission Statement

Together with the parents and the child we are working towards the development of all children in all areas of learning and living.
The Blueberry School is fully funded by the Federal Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.
We offer Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Adult Education. In June 2019, our school became certified by the First Nations School Association. This designation gives our school the ability to issue the Dogwood Diploma and the Adult Graduation Diploma.
Student Registration Form (Minor)
Student Registration Form (Adult)

Boarding Allowance Program

This program provides our youth who live on the reserve the opportunity to obtain an education in Fort St. John, BC.

In Order to Be Eligible

The student must have Indian Status, normally reside on the Blueberry River First Nations reserve, and be entering into grades 9 to 12.

If A Student Is Eligible

It is expected they will have a minimum of 75% attendance record, try with their studies, and submit both attendance records and report cards.
The parent/caregiver must notify the school that the student normally lives on reserve and complete a Band Consent Form with the Indigenous Education Centre.
Boarding Allowance Form
2020-21 Band Consent Form Indigenous Education
All completed forms can be emailed to Keri Taylor – Education Manager (, or mailed to Box 3030 Buick, BC V0C 2R0.

Local Education Agreement

The Blueberry River First Nations and the School District #60 have a Local Education Agreement (LEA). The Vision of our LEA with School District 60:  

Working together, we will encourage students to strive for their highest potential. Our students from Blueberry River First Nations will graduate, happy, successful, and proud in both worlds – Indigenous and Mainstream. Students will be grounded in their culture and confident in their identity, knowledge, skills, and health, making them ready for post-secondary education, workplace training and employment.

Our LEA is a living document; therefore we are able to make revisions as long as both parties are in agreement.


True to Ourselves is an educational training program to prepare participants for the workforce.  BRFN School has partnered with the Construction Foundation of British Columbia and All Roads Construction to assist with the delivery of the program.