Blueberry Post-Secondary Student Support Program

We recognize the importance of providing moral support, advisory services, and financial assistance to our Band Members. We want to enable Band Members to pursue their employment endeavours and successfully complete their post-secondary education and training to achieve those endeavours. 

Blueberry River First Nations (BRFN) believes that is Band Members have the right to receive support in pursuing their post-secondary and vocational goals. We also believe that Band Members must assume responsibility for setting and then achieving their educational goal.


The BRFN Post-Secondary Student Support Program aims to encourage and support eligible Blueberry River First Nations registered members with respect to: 
Gaining access to post-secondary education and to graduate from their respective programs with qualifications required to pursue their chosen careers. 
Realizing their individual potential for contribution to the community and society at large.
Providing counseling to students in budgeting, career planning, job market research, and assistance in acquiring financial resources to successfully complete their post-secondary studies.
Ensuring students are aware of all available sources of educational funding and the processes through which these funds are accessed.
Meeting the ever-increasing demand for post-secondary assistance by Band Members.

The BRFN Post-Secondary Education Program operates on the principles of the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) which is designed to assist registered Band members to acquire university and professional-level qualifications. Through this strategy, the BRFN Education Committee believes its Band Members will become economically self-sufficient and realize their individual potential for contribution to their Nation, other First Nation communities and society at large. 

Learn more about the program here.


Applying for Assistance

To participate in the Post-Secondary Education Program, either to receive administrative or financial assistance to reach your educational goals, interested students must complete an application by the below deadlines depending on their desired school start.  

    September School Start - Fall Semester - Submit Application by June 1

    January School Start - Winter Semester - Submit Application by October 1

    May School Start - Spring/Summer Semester - Submit Application by March 1

    Program eligibility can be found in the program’s Policy and Procedures.

    Additional documents, including the application form and checklists for what is required in an application, are below. 


      All completed applications can be sent to:



      Blueberry River First Nations
      Box 3030
      Buick, BC
      Canada, V0C 2R0


      For any post-secondary related questions, please contact us.

      Telephone: 250-630-2307
      Fax: 250-630-2398
      Address: Box 3030, Buick, BC V0C 2R0
      Keri Taylor – Education Manager –