Health Services


Health Services


Addictions & Counselling

BRFN offers various counselling services in community for its Members.

NNADAP Counselling Services
  • AA sessions
  • Individual Services
  • National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week
Youth Counselling Services
  • Youth Leadership Group
  • Individual Services
Family and Individual Counselling

We currently have a visiting A & D Counsellor that visits the community two days per month in recognition of the need for AA meetings. Check out the monthly calendar to see upcoming dates.

To schedule an appointment, please call (250) 785-3411.

Medical Transportation

Health Benefits offers a daily meal rate and a kilometric (mileage) rate for transportation to and from medical services.

These are as follows:

For trips that are up to seven (7) nights in duration:

  • $53.10 per night’s stay 
  • $25 per night’s stay for children under 9
    • For trips that are seven (7) or more nights in duration, a weekly rate will apply  
  • A maximum weekly rate of $222.20 per week, inclusive of the escort  

      There is same-day travel rate of $15.10 for trips that are 6 hours or more in duration.

      The per kilometre allowance for private vehicles is $0.35 / kilometre.



      Lillian Apsassin, Community Health Worker 
      (250) 630-2834