Healing the Land and Waters for Future Generations

BRFN Restoration staff identify, implement, and monitor culturally appropriate ecological restoration throughout the territory. Our work is guided by a community-driven restoration framework using a two-eyed seeing approach. By weaving together Indigenous wisdom and settler science, we build community capacity and increase ecosystem recovery to ultimately restore members' meaningful practice of treaty rights. Our approach is guided by the principle of reciprocal restoration to also restore traditional relationships with the land, and we work closely with the Cultural and Regulatory Divisions within the Land and Resources department.

Restoration Officer, Lynea Aboumrad - 250-224-5957
As a Restoration Project Officer, Lynea works on a variety of restoration projects within the department. With a background in ecosystem restoration, ecological agriculture, and mine reclamation, Lynea's main drive is to connect people to land as a healing tool for both ecosystems and communities. Their special interests include soil biology, collecting and processing native seed, and growing native plants.

Procurement Officer, Allan Apsassin - 250-224-7864
Allan Apsassin joined the Blueberry River First Nations Restoration team on April 3, 2023. He has worked in office at Saulteau First Nation and brings skills developed working with their lands and government departments. Allan loves camping, hunting and quadding plus doing outdoor activities with family and the laughter that comes with family. He also likes rodeos and traveling and did a lot of international traveling to the south Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.

Finance Assistant, Destiny Apsassin - on leave

Administrative Assistant, Dolly Apsassin  - 250-224-7957
Dolly Apsassin is a Blueberry River First Nations member and has two beautiful children that are her joy in life. Her ancestral language is Beaver, and she is extremely proud of her Beaver heritage and culture. Dolly enjoys camping, family time, reading, and playing badminton with her kids. She loves watching her daughter play hockey. Dolly graduated from NLC’s Applied Business Technology program in 2018.

“I believe in treating everyone with kindness because love never fails.”

Executive Assistant, Jerri-Lynn Apsassin - 250-224-2746
Jerri-Lynn Apsassin is a member of Blueberry River First Nations who is of Dana-zaa/Plains Cree heritage. Jerri has completed Business Management and Fashion Marketing Certificates along with an Artisan Entrepreneurship Diploma. She has 4 years’ experience in the administration field. Jerri has a desire to reconnect, rediscover, restore the cultural heritage and be a part of the healing process within the land. She is happy to be a part of the team.

Dormant Sites Officer, Stan Apsassin - 250-261-1194  
As the Dormant Sites Project Officer, Stan's duties include answering oil company documents that pertain to dormant sites and orphan wells and engaging community members in sites' restoration. He also sets up dates and times that both parties are available to come together and discuss what has to be done. Stan loves being outdoors, quadding, camping, learning new things, meeting new people, and helping Band Members out whenever possible.  

Water Resource Officer, Vanessa Apsassin - 250-261-8674  
Vanessa loves family and the outdoors, and brings those values to the team as a Water Resource Project Officer. She works to coordinate opportunities for membership to monitor and restore the damaged watersheds and aquatic ecosystems in BRFN territory.  

Restoration Officer, Leroy Mickle - 250-261-9745 
Leroy is a member of the Blueberry River First Nations. He loves being out in the outdoors and being one with the land no matter where he’s at. Leroy is a newly hired Restoration Project Officer who is happy to be part of the team and ready to learn and partake in the new adventure. 

Water Resource Officer, Ian Ruttenberg - 250-261-3052 
Ian currently works as a Water Resource Project Officer in the Restoration Department. He has a geoscience background, as well as a strong interest in water management, hydrology, and hydrogeology. He obtained an MSc in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University in 2021 with a focus in Integrated Water Resources Management. He previously did surface and groundwater sampling, water quality analysis, flow assessment, core sampling, soil sampling, and completed environmental monitoring and summary reports, while previously working in Sudbury, Ontario and Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec. He is also skilled with mapping and spatial analysis, having applied GIS to various environmental monitoring tasks. 

Restoration Officer, Darian Weber - on leave - 250-224-9431  
Darian has been involved with a variety of ecological restoration projects with BRFN on BRFN territory. She is prioritizing reciprocal restoration on culturally and spiritually significant sites to support treaty rights and practices on the landscape. Darian completed her BSc in Environmental Sciences in 2016 at the University of Saskatchewan and her MSc in Ecological Restoration in 2019 at Simon Fraser University and BCIT.  

Restoration Manager, Mae Whyte - seconded - 250-224-9465  
Mae graduated from BCIT completing the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation diploma program in 2017 and the Ecological Restoration BSc program in 2019. Mae is passionate about invasive species management, boreal forest restoration, freshwater ecology, and reciprocal restoration. Mae is Blueberry River First Nations’ representative for the Treaty 8 Restoration Advisory Committee and in her spare time is a director of the Society for Ecological Restoration – Western Canada Chapter.   

Restoration Officer, Georgina Yahey - 250-224-7434
Georgina Yahey is a member of Blueberry River First Nations Appaw/Yahey family group. Born and raised in the old rez, she lived a traditional lifestyle, hunted, fished, and trapped with her parents, learned from her grandparents the oral history of the dunna za. She loves outdoors and travelling, quality time with families and friends. Outdoors is her go to place for restoring and rejuvenating her soul.