Blueberry School Mission Statement

Together with the parents and the child we are working towards the development of all children in all areas of learning and living.

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The Blueberry River First Nations Education Department believes:

The Blueberry School is fully funded by the Federal Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.  In June 2019, our school became certified by the First Nations School Association.  This designation gave our school the ability to issue the Dogwood Diploma and the Adult Graduation Diploma.  We offer Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Adult Education as we are able to issues Dogwood and Adult Graduation Diplomas. 

BRFN Boarding program is available for on-reserve students who leave the reserve to attend school in Fort St John, BC.  Eligible grades are 9 to 12.  The parent/caregiver must notify the school the student normally lives on reserve and complete a Band Consent Form with the Indigenous Education Centre. 

        The Blueberry River First Nations and the School District #60 have entered into a Local Education Agreement (LEA).  The Visions of our LEA with School District 60: Working together, we will encourage students to strive for their highest potential. Our students from Blueberry River First Nations will graduate, happy, successful and proud in both worlds – Indigenous and Mainstream.  Students will be grounded in their culture and confident in their identity, knowledge, skills
and health, ready for post-secondary education, workplace training and employment.  Our LEA is a living document; therefore we are able to make revisions as long as both parties are in agreement. 

Post Secondary

Blueberry Post-Secondary Student Support Program

The Blueberry River First Nations Education Department recognizes the importance of providing moral support, advisory services, and financial assistance to our band members. Thus enabling those band members to pursue their employment endeavors and successfully complete their post-secondary education and training to achieve those endeavors and satisfy our program objectives as outlined below.

BRFN believes that its band members have the right to receive support in pursuing their post-secondary and vocational education goals, and to achieve those goals the band members must assume the responsibility for setting and then achieving their educational goal

BRFN Post-Secondary Student Support Prpgram Objectives are to encourage and support eligible Blueberry River First Nations registered members with respect to:

A.     Gaining access to post-secondary education and to graduate from their respective programs with qualifications required to pursue their chosen careers.

B.     Realizing their individual potential for contribution to the community and society at large.

C.      Providing counseling to students in budgeting, career planning, job market research, and assistance in acquiring financial resources to successfully complete their post-secondary studies.

D.     Ensuring students are aware of all available sources of educational funding and the processes through which these funds are accessed.

E.      Meeting the ever-increasing demand for post-secondary assistance by Band Members. 

The BRFN Post-Secondary Education Program operates on the principles of the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) which is designed to assist registered Band members to acquire university and professional-level qualifications. Through this strategy the BRFN Education Committee believes its Band members will become economically self-sufficient and realized their individual potential for contribution to their Nation, other First Nation communities and society at large.

Available forms for this page include:

    Application deadlines:

September/Fall semester             June 1

January/Winter semester             Oct 1

May Spring/Summer                     March 1

Here are some helpful links for bursaries and scholarships: 


True to Ourselves is an educational training program to prepare participants for the workforce.  BRFN School has partnered with the Construction Foundation of British Columbia and All Roads Construction to assist with the delivery of the program.  Please contact Keri Taylor at for more information

If you require safety tickets and/or other training please contact Patsy Greyeyes at
BRFN have many different training and employment opportunities with their joint venture partners that you can find posted on this website and our Facebook page.  

BRFN’s Education Policy & Forms