Blueberry Reserve Rd, Buick, BC V0C 2R0
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Date & Time

  • June 22 2020
  • 8:00 am


  • Foot care is available with Loretta. Please call Lillian to determine appointment date/time. Loretta requires a location in town to meet you.
  • The FNHA Nurses will resume weekly visits in the latter part of July and we will notifiy community once the date is confirmed.

Medical Transportation:

  • The medical vehicle is available for appointments in FSJ
  • Those booking the medical van will need to wear a mask, sit in the second row behind the newly installed sneeze guard and regulary use hand sanitizer
  • For your convenience, Confirmation of Appointment Attendance Forms are located at Creever Store
  • Please ensure you have current direct deposit information with our finance department

Father’s Day Baskets

  • If you have not received your gift basket, please call the health department to arrange for pick up

Elder’s Gift Bags

  • Our health team has created wellness bags for the 13 elders in community over 65
  • Please call our office to arrange for delivery if you have not received your gift

Garden Boxes

  • There are 42 boxes being delivered to community members who expressed interest in growing vegetables/flowers/herbs
  • Art and Jas are delivering the boxes (2 per home), soil, and seeds for each home
  • Our health team hopes you enjoy your new garden boxes and are happy you are taking part in this initiative.
  • There are a few extra boxes available if you are interested, call the health department for more information

It’s Never Goodbye,

It’s now time for me to move on and after six years as your health director, this isn’t easy saying farewell. It’s been a pleasure and I am grateful for all that I have learned about the culture, territority and you, the community. I hope I have served you well during my time here and know that I will cherish all that you have shared with me. Take care of each other and please stay safe as we all learn how to manage life through this ongoing pandemic.

In friendship and laughterJ

Chege aanach’e,


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