The office is responsible for administration of finance, human resources, and general office functions.  This includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, audits, budgeting, human resources, reception, general office tasks and assist Chief and Councillors any other tasks.  

Ron Paracuelles is the finance manager and main contact person for finance department. You may contact him at

Audits and reports

The office works with auditors to prepare BRFN’s audited financial statements annually, so the band meets financial requirements from bank, ISC, FNHA or any other government agencies.  The office also organizes and coordinates to have the audited financial statements present to Chief and Councillors and to family groups.

In addition, the office also works with the auditor to prepare BRE’s audited financial statements and Creever Store’s notice to reader financial statements.

Accounts Payable

The account payable is responsible for paying vendors, members, and contractors for all goods and services purchased.  There are several payment methods: cheque, electronic fund transfer, etransfer or pay in person at Creever store (only available for members to pay propane purchase, internet services, and house maintenance)

Accounts Receivable

The account receivable is responsible for receiving payments from customers, joint venture, and funders, and recording revenue in correct fiscal period and in correct department codes.  It also regularly generates statements to send out to customers.  


The payroll is responsible for paying Chief and Councillors, employees, and elder monitors correctly.  It ensures all payments complying with Employment Standards, employment contracts and Human resource policy.  All remittance must be paid and reported properly to Canada Revenue Agency and Worksafe.

Internet, Propane, housing maintenance payment and inquiries


Annually, the office will coordinate and assist department managers preparing annual operation and capital budgets.  The office will present the budgets to Chief and Councillors.  Ideally, the budget should be presented to Chief and Councillors before the fiscal year starts.

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  • Telephone   250-630-2307 Fax  250-630-2398
  • Address: Box 3030 Buick, BC V0C 2R0

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