The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) of British Columbia, Canada is the child protection service across the province and is provided through ministry offices and several delegated Aboriginal agencies.

Current services include:

BFRN Community Health Services staff and the Ministry of Child and Family Services meet regularly and quarterly at the Fort St John regional office.  The purpose of these meetings are to inform BFRN families under the care of MCFD and to ensure cultural sensitivity.
There is an information sharing agreement with MCFD.

MCFD and BFRN will be working together to establish a Collaboration Agreement.  This agreement will determine how BFRN Family Support will work together with MCFD for Child Protection and take into consideration the Child, Family and Community Services, Act B.C.

The BFRN family support worker works with families both on and off reserve to provide support and advocacy and to ensure MCFD workers are culturally sensitive in their work with BFRN families on and off reserve related to Child Welfare protection issues and concerns.

Contact: Phyllis Rouble, Family Support Worker – Contact: 250 630-2830