Medical Transportation

Meal and Mileage Rate Increase

Health Benefits – Operations Medical Transportation Program

Effective October 1, 2014: Health Benefits will be introducing an additional increase in the daily meal rate as well as an increase in the kilometric (mileage) rate.

The additional investments are a direct result of our on-going dialogue with First Nations communities and the First Nations Health Directors Association.

As of October 1, the new meal and mileage rates are in bold, as follows: For trips that are up to seven (7) nights in duration:

  •   $48 per night’s stay (increased from $40 per night’s stay)
  •   $25 per night’s stay for children under 9

    For trips that are seven (7) or more nights in duration, a weekly rate will apply

  •  A maximum weekly rate of $163 per week, inclusive of the escort

The same-day travel rate of $10 for trips that are 6 hours or more in duration has not changed.

The per kilometre allowance for private vehicles will increase to $0.22.5/kilometre (increased from $0.20). There will also be a $0.29/kilometre for communities experiencing higher travel costs. Health Benefits is currently working with Regional Directors to determine criteria and processes for eligibility for the higher rate.