On June 29, 2021 the BC Supreme Court ruled that the British Columbia Government had breached Treaty 8 rights by developing too much in Blueberry River First Nations’ territory over decades upon decades of industrial development.

The Court ordered the Government to stop allowing new development in the way that it has been, and ordered Blueberry and the BC Government to work out land management rules that protect its treaty rights.

Implementing the Court’s ruling requires establishing protected areas, stronger environmental standards for future development, wildlife protection, and extensive restoration, so the land can heal. 
Blueberry members and families are a key part of identifying the areas and protections the land needs. Implementing the decision is about protecting the land for our future generations, and we must do this together.

This video is the first of more to come in documenting Blueberry’s journey of implementing the court order and upholding the intentions of Treaty 8.

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